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Professional tree care since 1988

We have a great crew, decades of experience, and an unwavering commitment to you

About Us

‚ÄčEach tree is unique with the potential to be a beautiful enhancement to your property or to wreak havoc on your foundation. 

We use our extensive knowledge to work with you to solve the challenges your trees present, whether it is restoring a view, removing deadwood from an oak, raising the canopy of your trees for a greater feeling of spaciousness or removing trees that are causing problems or are too large for a space. 

Our team is comprised of highly skilled tree professionals who pride themselves in excellent work and thorough clean up. Our large assortment of professional equipment allows us to provide a wide range of services from pruning dead wood to removing enormous eucalyptus trees.  We have several highly maneuverable trucks and chippers to get in and out of remote hillside locations. 

Steve Clements acquired a love for trees at an early age and started in the industry in 1988 in Mill Valley, his home town.   "I love this work and feel fortunate to be able to do it in such a beautiful area."